‘SAKE-tour.jp’ Website Opened

October 18, 2017  

I am Masayuki Miyazawa from Ecology Invest Inc. operating SAKE-tour.jp website.
The website ‘SAKE-tour.jp’ introduces Shuzo (Japanese sake companies) offering sake tours which I strongly recommend visiting to those who feel interest in Japanese sake and its traditional Japanese culture but hesitate to visit because they are anxious about how they would be served there.

Just after I started my current business, I had a chance to visit TAKARAYAMA SHUZO, which later led me to set up this SAKE-tour website. On my visit there I was overwhelmed not only by the historical atmosphere of the old Saka-gura which had a long history since 1885 but by Japanese ‘Wa’ (harmonious calm) I felt from Okami (female owner), Ms. Yukiko Watanabe.
I presumed that among over 90 Saka-gura in Niigata there must be many attractive ones I do not know and moreover there should be many attractive workers I have never met.
Therefore, I decided to develop a website to introduce those wonderful Saka-gura.

Thereafter I met many people working at Saka-gura such as Okami and Toji (brew master) across from Kaetsu region to Chuetsu region in Niigata prefecture. Each time, I was moved by their good and warm personality. I am sure that deliciousness of Niigata sake comes from their good personality.

The year 2017 when I established the ‘SAKE-tour.jp’ website happens to be the 45th anniversary of the normalization of the diplomatic relations between Japan and China. Wishing to contribute to the good relationship between Japan and China which a former Prime Minister from our hometown Niigata, Mr. Kakuei Tanaka had nurtured, I have made the website available in Chinese. I hope that it will be one of the opportunities to connect Chinese people and Saka-gura in Niigata.

Soon after the opening of the website, a tourism agent from another prefecture who saw it contacted a Saka-gura in Shibata city to make a reservation for a tour. I would be happy with this chance if not only Japanese people but Chinese people then people around the world become interested in Saka-gura and plan tours to visit them.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their kind cooperation to the eight Saka-gura in Niigata prefecture which accepted my interview at the start of the SAKE-tour.jp website, and to professor Sun Libing(孫犁冰) from Niigata Seiryo University, who willingly undertook the translation of the web contents from Japanese into Chinese.

I wish many people will visit our SAKE-tour.jp website and make an actual visit to the Saka-gura.
I am sure that what you would get there is not only delicious Japanese sake.

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