UNITY ZERO LIMITED starts Japanese sake promotion project targeting wealthy people in Asia with the first brand, ‘BYO’, in cooperation with HAKURO SHUZO.

May 19, 2021  

In cooperation with HAKURO SHUZO in Nagaoka city, UNITY ZERO LIMITED based in Hong Kong has produced an original brand sake named ‘BYO’, which required traditional techniques and finest materials. It has just started to provide ‘BYO’ mainly to the Chinese market and other countries in Asia.

‘BYO’ is a carefully brewed sake from local brand rice, ‘Echigo Nagaoka Koshihikari’ polished down to 28 % and snow-melted underground water in Koryu shrine, which has been told to heal wounds of injured military commanders in Nanboku-cho period (1337-1392). The bottle is made of Bizen Bidoro hand-blown glass designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property. All bottles are hand-blown by skilled craftsmen to revive the form of Edo glass Tokkuri which was highly valued in late Edo period.
Produced as world-class top-quality sake and priced at fifty-five thousand yen for 720ml bottle, ‘BYO’ targets wealthy Millennials born after 1980 in China as its main prospective customers. It is expected to be chosen as a heartful gift for our customers’ loved ones.

The Import of Niigata sake has been prohibited in China since the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)’s No.1 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant though the high quality of Niigata sake is recognized by Chinese sake lovers.
The sales channel set up by UNITY ZERO LIMITED in Hong Kong has enabled HAKURO SHUZO to provide their original brand sake to online customers in China. Through this new mechanism it can be purchased not only for the customers themselves but also for the receivers of their gifts and it will be directly exported from Japan.

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